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Our cuisine secrets

We cook with...

• 100% organic raw materials • GMO free ingredients (genetically modified organism) • 0% trans fat • Non hydrogenated oils  • 0% preservatives, additives, colorants • 0% MSG • All Charcuterie we use DO NOT CONTAIN NITRITES • We use only Cyprus Organic extra virgin olive oil and organic raw coconut oil

We don’t fry
• We cook at low temperature, in ceramic utensils • We use the leading dehydrators “Excalibur” at temperatures below 42 degrees Celsius, to prepare our Raw recipes • We use cold press slow juicers, “Omega”, which retain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of fruit and vegetables • We use high quality organic coffee beans roasted in Cyprus. A special mixture that you can enjoy exclusively at Green Foods! • Freshly made sauces and dressings • We produce fresh organic sprouts which we use in our recipes • We use water from Reverse «osmosis» filters with five

filter stages.


Our packing
• We use 100% biodegradable packaging NOT PLASTIC • We respect the environment and we recycle all packages 

• We pay attention on recycling

Local Farming

• We support 40 Cypriot organic farmers • We support the aim of “Agia Skepi” and they supply us with all the organic products they produce


Special Diet
• Emphasis was given to the recipes to meet the nutritional needs of Vegetarians, Vegans, Raw food diet, Paleo and Gluten Free diets



• Menu designed by Professional Chefs • Menu supervision by doctor, dietitian, naturopathist and food technologist

We offer the best prices on organic products because ...
• We avoid middlemen • We buy directly from Cypriot Producers • We import all raw materials not produced in Cyprus • We reserve the profit rate low to be organic accessible to all.

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